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Grit Blasting

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CSC Services is an experienced specialist grit blasting company. Our team are trained in the safe use of portable blasting systems. We use a range of blasting systems on structures including:

  • Service Reservoirs
  • Water and Waste Water treatments
  • Aqueducts
  • Water Towers
  • Digesters
  • Roofs
  • Pipes and Tunnels
  • Floors
  • Bunds
  • Basements
  • Bridges

Grit blasting is used to remove rust, failed coatings, flaking paints and contaminants. The grit blasting will also prepare the pipe work to be re coated by re profiling the surface. This leaves a good mechanical key in which the new primer or coating can bond to. The minimum standard of blast cleaning to receive coatings is SA21/2.

There are many types of abrasive blast media on the market, such as:

  • Traditional silicon carbide
  • Glass beads
  • Plastic media
  • Copper, Aluminium, Brass
  • Cut wire
  • Garnet
  • Ceramics

For sensitive blast cleaning work, granulated shells and kernels can be used.

Offsite Grit Blasting

CSC Services also offer the option of offsite grit blasting. Structures, pipes or equipment of up to 3m wide can be forklifted in and out of the specialist unit in the North East. Offsite work is useful when the structure to be cleaned is situated in a sensitive area. By taking structures offsite for refurbishment work, day to day operations can also continue.

Our teams all have CSCS cards, EUSR Water cards, DOMS, Confined Space Certificates and are BSVR (baseline security vetting register) and CTC (counter terrorism check) vetted as a minimum. All operatives hold SSPC Train the Painter – Gold level accreditation which covers protective coating application, spray painting and abrasive blast cleaning.

A member of our team can visit you on site to give advice on your project.

Latest Projects

Grit blasting is regularly used across projects to prepare surfaces for the installation of protective coatings.

The image shows the surface preparation of the Mixed Bed Regenerator Vessel at Dungeness Power Station ahead of a chemical coating being installed. Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting at 36000psi was used followed by grit blasting to standard Sa3. The difference between the two processes can be seen in the photo with the bottom section grit blasted. You can read more about this project here.

Client Feedback:

The quality of workmanship and application of the coating have been noted by others and positively regarded. Alan Smith, Project Engineer, Dungeness B Power Station