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Sprayed Concrete

We are experienced sprayed concrete contractors, providing high-quality services using industry-leading equipment across a range of sectors.

Originally developed as a construction solution for tunnels and underground structures, sprayed concrete is an efficient way to create concrete walls and supporting structures.  With high strength, low permeability and high durability, we typically use this versatile building material for structural strengthening. It has high early strength gain, good adhesion and bond strengths. Gunite and shotcrete are the terms used to describe the spraying of concrete, depending on the application technique.

When form work is not required, spraying concrete can save time and money. When used in association with steel reinforcement, our team can offer endless shape and design solutions using this methodology.

Gunite and Shotcrete Application Methods

The process of applying sprayed concrete uses a mortar that is sprayed at high velocity using air power.  There are two key methodologies for application – gunite and shotcrete.  With dry-sprayed concrete (gunite) the concrete is not a ready-mixed formula, but instead the mortar is mixed with water and shotcrete accelerators on application.  Wet-sprayed concrete (shotcrete) is a ready-mixed formula, mixed with air and shotcrete accelerators on application.

Trained and Knowledgable Contractors

At CSC Services our team operatives are fully trained in the application of spraying concrete solutions and will determine the type of  concrete solution to use according to your refurbishment requirements.  We work with the leading manufacturers, undertaking all relevant product and application training.  All our operatives hold SSPC Train the Painter – Gold level accreditation which covers protective coating application, spray painting and abrasive blast cleaning.  We are also members of the Concrete Repair Association. 

Spray Concrete contractors
Case Study
We undertook steel fixing and dry sprayed concrete as part of a scheme of work to refurbish Frankley Water Treatment Works. Sikacem 133 Gunite was spray applied over reinforcement at the Treatment Works.
Case Study
We undertook repairs and dry sprayed concrete works as part of a concrete repair scheme at Hinkley Power Station . Sikacem 133 Gunite was spray applied and installed into concrete layers to prevent sagging or slumping.

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