Experienced in a range of industries


We are sector specialist contractors, with tangible results across the power, water, infrastructure, marine and public sectors.

From the start of our operations in 2000, sub-contracting to several UK water companies, we have built up a broad range of experience to include the power, public sector, infrastructure and marine industries.

Water Sector

As DWI- and WRAS-approved contractors we provide extensive repair and refurbishment services to water and wastewater structures.

water specialist contractors

Power Sector

We have completed projects in both nuclear and biomass power stations, specialising in structural asset repairs, maintenance works and concrete repair systems. Our experts have completed many schemes during outages and refurbishment works to inlet/outlet culverts and drum screen walls.

Public Sector

Public sector projects can be challenging due to the sensitive nature of certain environments. We have completed repairs and maintenance works to hospitals, schools, universities and car parks, working around the clock to mitigate risk and minimise project time scales.


Structures require regular maintenance; buildings, bridges and tunnels frequently suffer from significant deterioration due to harmful substances.  Our specialist coating systems and corrosion control techniques have helped to restore the design life of your assets such as these.


Coastal and marine structures are commonly exposed to harsh environmental conditions, causing significant structural damage and quickly reducing the lifespan of structures. As sector specialist contractors, we repair defective areas of concrete and are experienced in the application of effective corrosion control techniques.