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Structural Safeguarding

Protective Coatings

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We are specialist coating contractors, providing a range of protective coatings systems depending on requirement.

Working with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of specialist protective coatings, we use the latest innovative products and application methods to mitigate risks and minimise disruption of services for our clients. Protective coatings are used to safeguard structures from damage caused by elements within their natural environment such as UV light, severe weather conditions, abrasion and chemicals.

Maintaining structures with a correct maintenance plan of industrial coatings not only provides protection from these elements to extend the lifespan of the structure, but can also improve safety for those using them, such as employees and the public, not to mention the savings that can be seen with maintenance of existing structures rather than replacements when irrevocably damaged.

We offer a comprehensive range of industrial coatings services tailored to the specific application:

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Abrasive Blasting

Our team are experienced in providing cleaning and preparation services using dustless blasting and grit blasting machinery.

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Sludge tank prepared for coating work
Tank Lining

We provide cost effective tank lining solutions to protect existing substrates, prevent leakage problems and repair cracks.


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polyurea coatings
Bund Lining

Our bund lining systems are extremely cost effective and durable. These can be used to protect concrete, steel and masonry secondary containment structures against a range of chemicals.


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protective coatings
Epoxy Resin Coatings

Epoxy resin coatings are widely used as primers and full systems . They offer a tough and cost effective solution in heavy industrial environments.

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Industrial painting services
Industrial Painting

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise providing high quality industrial painting solutions using a vast range including epoxy resin coatings.

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Ppipework painting

We apply specialist coatings to both internal and external pipes, our products are high quality, efficient and DWI approved.

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Sikalastic 525 system with anti-slip finish
Sika Liquid Roofing Systems

Decothane ultra systems uses patented technology enabling use on highly sensitive sites. Our team are experts in the installation of Sika products.

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Cementitious Coatings

Our cementitious coatings provide waterproofing to internal and external concrete and steel structures, preventing ingress and carbonation attacks.

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waterproof coatings
Waterproof Coatings

We offer a range of durable and cost effective waterproof coating systems. Our team of experts can offer advice based on your requirements.

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Why do you need a protective coatings specialist?

As an established contractor we can ensure recommendations for surface preparation and application are followed correctly and properly documented, giving piece of mind of guarantees and warranties on your coating installation.

It is important to remember that specialist coatings are not paints. Surfaces need to be adequately prepared before application and properties of the substrate and environment considered.  Surface temperature, air temperature, dew point, relative humidity, depth of profile, abrasive type, degree of cleanliness, degree of blast, applicator technique, pot pressure, fan width, and air pressure are all important factors to be considered with any coatings work.

CSC Services use a certified coatings inspector to oversee all coatings work. The qualified inspector will take surface profile readings, dry film thickness (DFT) gauges, wet film thickness gauges, discern the difference between degrees of abrasive blasting, and be familiar with standards such as SSPC-VIS 1,1 VIS 2,2 and PA 2.3.”

An Experienced Team across a Range of Industries

Using approved coatings products is a great step towards shielding your structure from potential damage and erosion. Reputable suppliers such as SIKA and Azko Nobel have invested significantly in developing innovative products, some with long guarantees of protection up to 10-25 years.

Any of these products is only as good as the method used to apply it, with incorrect application potentially leading to health & safety issues and even removing the manufacturer guarantee.  We are an expert and approved team providing the application of protective coatings.

We only use approved and industry-leading manufacturers, including Sika Liquid Plastic Roofing Systems, that can be applied to commercial and industrial buildings. We also have significant experience in applying corrosion protection coatings to UK power stations.

Trusted Process

Our team will work to fully understand your requirements and project specification, using our advanced technical know-how and experience to advise on correct coatings applications and products used.  All required Health & Safety requirements will be fulfilled, including access points, COSHH sheets and risk assessments/method statements.

We will arrange works at a convenient time that reduces disruption to your business services and your team will be headed by a robust Contracts Manager throughout your project to ensure everything runs smoothly and you are kept up-to-date.