Structural Repair and Protection


We are specialist contractors in marine structural repair and protection, providing concrete repair, coatings and corrosion protection to reinforced concrete structures.

Wave action, storms and environmental conditions all have a significant impact on our UK coastline through ongoing erosion and destruction.  Man-made marine structures such as sea walls, breakwaters, cliff stabilisation measures and jetties are frequently put in place to protect these coastlines. These structures are also subject to the same aggressive conditions and must be regularly assessed before being appropriately repaired and protected to continue doing their job. Constantly immersed in saltwater, corrosive salt spray can severely damage these structures and trapped air in their joints can cause additional damage.  Chloride and sulphate ions found in marine environments are particularly destructive to concrete, exposing the steel framework beneath and causing corrosion, spalling and eventual dangerous failure of structures.

Structural Survey and Inspections

The first important step is a comprehensive condition survey to determine the extent of damage or corrosion to the structure, using one of our expert team.  We consider the current condition of the concrete structure, environmental exposure and the history behind the structure.  As marine specialist contractors we can then make recommendations on the appropriate method of repair.  Any marine concrete repair and protection solution will work on one of the following principles; physical, chemical or electrochemical repair techniques.  The options chosen will depend on the outcome of the asset condition survey and the reason behind the structure’s failure.

Concrete Repair & Restoration

Using BS EN 1504 approved products from world-leading suppliers and partners such as Sika and Flexcrete, we have a proven track record in all manner of concrete repair techniques.

In particular instances, where structural integrity has been compromised or where the aesthetics of the structure require a makeover, we may offer concrete restoration techniques, such as sprayed concrete and more specialist finishing coatings.  Our products are quick-drying and able to provide protection from chloride ions very rapidly.


We also offer protective coating solutions to provide resistance to chloride attack to the concrete or steel structure.

Cathodic Protection

In some instances, such as with extensive chloride contamination, cathodic protection, applied in accordance with BS EN 12696, can provide the most suitable solution to protect the steel structure. Durable corrosion control using this methodology is possible through correct installation and maintenance.

We use cathodic protection systems in this manner to effectively protect embedded steel bars in marine concrete and and prevent further corrosion.

Cathodic Protection
Case Study
We completed a refurbishment programme on the Bristol Channel coast for EDF Energy. The gabion wall suffered from marine exposure and high chloride ingress. A corrosion control coating system was specified to protect the structure against further corrosion.

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