We are water specialist contractors, supplying DWI- and WRAS-approved products to protect and repair structures in the clean water industry.

We have worked on many contracts over the last 20 years, including areas and clients such as Anglian Water, NWG, UU, Severn Trent, Thames Water, Yorkshire Water, providing concrete asset repair and maintenance services to ensure safe drinking water standards are maintained.

We can help protect your structures through innovative solutions

Water treatment plants can provide an extreme environment for concrete structures. Chemical attack and abrasion can severely affect the lifespan of concrete water assets, meaning concrete protection is essential from the outset to avoid extensive repair work at a later date.

Our team has extensive knowledge of refurbishment techniques operating under DWI regulation 31. Repairing water assets can pose many unique challenges, we overcome these challenges by only using the most innovative solutions. Our specialist coatings and materials are approved by various inspectorates before application, utilising world-leading products such as Sika and Flexcrete.  We only use DWI-approved cementitious coatings to protect clean water tanks.

water specialist contractors

Confined Space Contractors

As specialist contractors in the water industry, our operators are highly-trained in confined spaces with experienced management to ensure health and safety procedures and environmental controls are met. We have maintained and repaired an extensive number of clean water structures including filter tanks, aqueducts and surge vessels.

Cemementitious coating system at Dungeness B Power Station
Case Study
Steel filter tanks work as part of the process to ensure safe drinking water is produced to the public. A polyurethane protective coating system was installed to a filter tank for United Utilities to provide effective corrosion resistance

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