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Survey & Inspection

Conducting a concrete survey and inspection is essential to identify and quantify any signs of corrosion, and assess the condition of current protective coatings and/or mortars.

Why carry out a concrete survey and inspection?

Every asset has a service life – the expected years it can be expected to perform its function. Factors such as carbonation, abrasion, atmospheric chlorides or exposure to harmful chemicals can affect this service life, especially in harsh environments such as wastewater treatment plants. Once corrosion takes hold, it often does so quickly and can take an asset out of service or lead to service failure.

Following a concrete survey and inspection, we can make recommendations as to how the service life-span of the asset can be extended by effectively protecting against chemical attacks, joint-leaks, cracks and surface corrosion. This will take into account all relevant factors such as the location of the asset and the environmental factors in which it operates.

What do we look for during a concrete survey?

During an inspection, our expert team will use a variety of techniques to check the condition of a structure, highlighting any existing and potential issues, both visible and non-visible. We’ll also conduct a review of the structure’s repair history and service function to make sure that we have a full understanding of its background.

What happens following a concrete inspection?

Depending on the results of the inspection, we’ll make tailored recommendations on the best course of action. These may include things such as partial or total concrete remediation works, such as removing areas of deteriorated concrete, replacing the cathodic protection system and installing new coatings.

Fully trained and qualified in concrete surveys and inspections

We undertake product training with many of the UK leading coatings manufacturers, including Sika and Flexcrete and are perfectly placed to offer impartial advice on the best course of action to protect the service life of the asset. Recommendations for a suitable inspection programme will also be provided.


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