Working in Confined Spaces

In providing refurbishment and coatings services to the UK power and water sectors, much of the work CSC Services undertakes is in confined spaces, where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions. From water tanks and reservoirs to drumscreens and culverts, operatives are regularly exposed to a range of serious risks including fire, explosions, rising liquids, gas, fumes and lack of oxygen.

Last year in the UK 137 workers were killed at work. A stark figure which reinforces the importance of ensuring all employees have the knowledge to avoid and manage potential workplace hazards. CSC Services use the specialist services of MRS Training and Rescue to ensure that all operates can work safely in all environments.

Through a range of practical and classroom based activity, operatives learn how to work safely in high risk confined spaces. The Confined Space Training Course shows operatives how to enter and exit confined spaces safely and how to deal with emergencies. Operatives are taught how to prepare and use breathing apparatus, equipment and tools in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and how to follow procedures.

What are the risks associated with confined spaces?

  • A confined space is a substantially enclosed location (although not always entirely), and where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances/conditions.
  • Fire & explosions, rising liquids, free-flowing solids, rise in body temperature and gas, fumes and lack of oxygen are all potential safety risks of working in a confined space.
Confined Space entry

It’s extremely important for the correct team training to be carried out, to ensure that employees can protect themselves to the best of their abilities if they were to face the above risks.

NEBOSH Certified Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services explains why the company invest so heavily in this:

“Safety is the number one priority at CSC Services, so ensuring all operatives can operate safely in a confined space is essential. The training provided my MRS Training and Rescue is really effective because it teaches our teams how to work with each other in such situations. The simulated confined space that they provide allows operatives to apply the techniques and procedures they have learned in a realistic scenario which is very important.”

Confined space mobile rig

Image: Confined Space Training, MRS Training & Rescue

CSC Services has a robust training programme with confined space training one element of the mandatory training provided relating to health and safety.  MRS Training & Rescue offer a comprehensive range of health and safety training to a wide range of industries. Visit the MRS Training and Rescue for more information.