Wet Well Refurbishment Wet Well Refurbishment

Wet Well Refurbishment

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A scheme of wet well refurbishment work was completed for Anglian Water to significantly extend the life-span of a failing structure.

The structure had suffered from significant hydrogen sulphide corrosion to the internal concrete surfaces, and had been taken out of service.

Following high pressure water jetting of internal surfaces and removal of debris, a high strength structural repair mortar was applied to the concrete surfaces. A water based cementitious coating system was installed over the repair mortar to provide a hard, durable coating with excellent resistance to water and hydrogen sulphide.  With greatly enhanced chemical resistance this system was specified for the protection of concrete offered in sulphate contaminated conditions. This will significantly extend the life-span of the structure.

Speaking about the work, Nick Hudson, Anglian Water’s Project Engineer said:

“I was very impressed with the work ethic and service provided by CSC Services.  They worked effectively with the product manufacturer to provide the best refurbishment solution for Anglian Water.”

Images from the work undertaken are shown below.

The first image shows the profile of the corroded concrete surface prior to refurbishment work. The second image shows the profile of the refurbished concrete surface following application of the cementitious coating system.

Corroded concrete surface   Refurbished concrete surface
The third image shows a CSC Services’ Operative installing repair mortar to the wet well. The bottom section of the wet well is complete. The final image shows the wet well following full refurbishment, prior to final inspection and full return to service.

Installation of repair mortar   Low cover concrete repair coatings
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