Waterproofing with Resin Injection

CSC services complete waterproofing resin injection work at the neighbouring Komatsu manufacturing plant in Birtley, Tyne and Wear during a factory shutdown.

Komatsu were experiencing significant water ingress problems to the concrete base and walls of a holding area due to poor construction and a high water table. With no facility for pumping the water out, the standing water was turning stagnant and giving rise to health and safety concerns.

Resin injection was used to seal the cracked joints and a full cementitious waterproof coating was installed to protect the concrete from further ingress and carbonation.

Speaking about the waterproofing resin injection work Scott Atkinson, Komatsu’s Production Engineer said:

“CSC Services provided a fully comprehensive service and solution to an issue that we have had for some time. We had an issue of water ingress into one of our fixture holding pits which was creating a health and safety issue. CSC services have eradicated the water ingress issue without any additional civil work, with the fixture still in position. In terms of quality and cost CSC Services have provided a perfect solution, I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

CSC Services are confined space specialists and are able to undertake specialist repair and coatings work in factories and industrial units. Work can be scheduled for shut down periods, weekends or evenings as required.

On this occasion a cementitious coating was required. CSC Services has over twenty years of experience in specifying and installing a range of waterproof coatings and paints including waterproofing resin injection.