CSC Services have installed coatings for waterproofing a bund at Hinkley Point B Power Station for client EDF Energy.

A Sika Liquid Plastics glass reinforced Decothane Ultra System was installed to strengthen and protect a structure. It replaced the previous coating which had cracked and failed, providing a waterproof membrane.

As part of the coatings for waterproofing system, a glass fibre mat reinforcement was installed to increase strength and durability. The randomly orientated fibres within the mat gives maximum multidirectional tensile strength to the membrane whilst allowing it to remain highly elastomeric.

The waterproofing system was installed during working operations at the power station. Decothane Ultra is cold applied, eliminating the risk of fire, which is key where safety is paramount.

The waterproofing was part of a larger scheme of work that also included concrete repair, protective coatings and structural strengthening.

CSC Services are a Quality Approved contractor for Sika Liquid Plastics.

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Images from the work undertaken are shown below:

coatings for waterproofing
Sika waterproofing system
Sika waterproofing system
Sika waterproofing system