Water safe coatings for healthcare facilities

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services explains the importance of protective coatings:

“The internal steel substrate of water tanks needs to be coated with a lining to protect against corrosion. If not, micro aquatic bacterial growth including Legionella, Pseudomonas and Biofilm will result which could lead to the supply of unhygienic and potentially harmful water. In the past paints such as bitumen were used for this purpose which have since been deemed unsafe as they themselves have potentially carcinogenic properties due to their high solvent content.

“Steel water storage tanks now need to be coated with products that are approved for drinking water storage. CSC Services can offer a range of solvent free approved coatings which are proven to resist the growth of bacteria such as micro-aquatic organisms including Legionella. With superb adhesion to steel, high levels of impact and chemical resistance, such coatings have a long life performance with minimal maintenance requirements. With guarantees of up to twenty years they offer a far cheaper option to replacing a water tank, and can be fully installed within a day.

“CSC Services can also offer refurbishment solutions to both concrete tanks and plastic tanks or GRP water tanks. Even relatively new GRP tanks that are regularly cleaned and chlorinated can present problems as many have cavities and cracks which often cannot be seen by the naked eye but nevertheless harbour bacteria. GRP is not recommended or approved by the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) for drinking water storage for this reason. If water osmotic blisters are evident the tank should be examined immediately. If these blisters burst their contaminated toxic contents can be released into potable water.

“Concrete potable water storage tanks and reservoirs must also now comply with stringent DWI Regulations with water quality confirmed by regular water testing analysis. Again, fully compliant coatings solutions are available which can protect against Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls which are commonly associated with jointing compounds and linked to various cancers.”

CSC Services are a Quality Approved Contractor for the Sika liquid plastic range of products, including Decothane Ultra. This low odour polyurethane can be used on flat and pitched roofs across sensitive sites such as hospitals.