As a Wastewater Coatings Contractor, advice by CSC Services has been published in the Spring issue of the Institute of Water Magazine.

The Magazine, for members of the Institute, contains news and features from across the sector.

In a feature focussing on Wastewater, Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services, explains how specialist coatings can protect new, or newly refurbished wastewater structures. Wastewater coatings can protect against chemical attack, and the abrasion, mechanical damage and freeze/thaw cycling associated with the environments in which these structures operate. This can provide years of protection to assets, extending their life-span and reducing the need for costly shut down periods to refurbish assets.

The article is of particular importance as the water sector approaches its next investment period.  Amp7 (2020-2025) will once again will see a greater focus placed on the refurbishment and protection of industry assets.

You can view the article here (page 56):

CSC Services have many years experience in water and wastewater coatings. See recent case studies for work completed for Anglian Water, United Utilities and nmcn.

CSC Services have been company members of the Institute of Water since 2015.