The value of the Water Innovation Network

As water companies begin to realise the value of collaboration with the supply chain in driving innovation, Anglian Water has introduced two initiatives to find solutions to long-term challenges like climate change and population growth. The ‘Water Innovation Network’ allows entrepreneurs to submit innovative solutions and the ‘Shop Window’ is used for testing out innovations.

CSC Services submitted their solution to Anglian Water through the Water Innovation Network, which allowed them to outline the many merits of Polyurea, a protective coating which is pending DWI approval. CSC Services described how Polyurea could be used to significantly extend the life-span of assets and structures across the business and reduce disruption to services.

This week CSC Services begin work to refurbish a sewage pumping station wet well for Anglian Water. The wet well has suffered from hydrogen sulphide corrosion on the internal concrete walls. Following the initial site visit and consultation with the Anglian Water Project Engineer, CSC Services specified a different coating to reline the wet well. Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services explains:

“CSC Services have been doing a lot or work to raise awareness of the many merits of Polyurea as a premium protective coating. A highly elastic waterproof coating resistant to chemicals and abrasion, Polyurea is highly resistant to hydrogen sulphide and hydrocarbons. Polyurea also has the added bonus that it cures in seconds and has rapid re-use times.

The successful application of any protective coating is however dependent upon many factors relating to the condition of the substrate which needs to be prepared correctly to guarantee adhesion.

For the successful application of Polyurea, moisture in the concrete walls had to be controlled to eliminate outgassing, adhesion and curing problems. Due to the location of the wet well site and time restrictions on completion of the work, adequate drying and humidification of the structure could not be permitted.

As CSC Services work with some of the UK’s leading coatings manufacturers to utilise the latest innovative products they were quickly able to specify an alternative solution.  A cementitious repair mortar incorporating advanced cement chemistry will be used instead followed by a cementitious protective coating. This will offer the same level of protection as the Polyurea and an identical guarantee.

Anglian Water’s Water Innovation Network and Shop Window are excellent initiatives as they permitted an open dialogue with the Project Engineer from the outset. CSC Services were able to fully understand the project requirements and objectives and advise upon the optimum solution to mitigate risk and minimise disruption to services. The life-span of this structure will be significantly extended because of the level of protection against hydrogen sulphide corrosion provided.”

CSC Services are keen to collaborate with more water companies as they start preparations for PR19. Specification of the latest coating products can play a significant role in the long term protection of assets. Please contact Mark Lemon at for an informal discussion.

More information about this project will follow upon completion of works.