Top 5 signs you need concrete repair specialists

Despite being a strong and hard-wearing material, concrete is frequently exposed to eroding elements or high levels of traffic and requires maintenance from concrete repair specialists to keep it in a safe and durable condition.

Damaged or poorly maintained concrete isn’t just an expensive problem – if left to get worse, it can also endanger those using it. It is particularly important to monitor public service buildings such as hospitals, prisons and schools, due to the high number of people that use them every day. 

If you’re responsible for the maintenance of a concrete structure, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the signs of wear and tear that you should be looking out for. Our guide outlines the key areas to monitor.

1. Cracks

Cracks are an obvious visual sign that there’s a problem. Cracks can be a superficial issue, caused by age or weather conditions – but they can also be a sign of more serious structural problems and should never be ignored. If you spot cracks in your building it’s essential to get them checked by a professional.

2. Water pooling

Water collecting on surfaces after rain often signals a drainage issue. While it’s likely that your concrete was finished with a waterproof coating when it was first installed, this can wear away over time and may need replacing. It’s important to get this checked as continuous water pooling will cause further damage to your concrete structure.  

3. Uneven surfaces

Uneven walls, sinking floors or sticking doors and windows should never be ignored as they could be a sign of serious structural damage. If ignored, uneven concrete will worsen over time and can eventually lead to crumbling.

4. Crumbling

Crumbling concrete may seem like a natural part of the ageing process but it can pose a serious risk of injury if the structure becomes compromised – especially in buildings such as schools or hospitals. The potential dangers mean crumbling should never be ignored.

5.  Aged appearance

There aren’t always obvious visual signs that it’s time to get your concrete repaired and identifying potential issues can help avoid serious damage. If you notice your concrete is starting to look shabby, has dark rust streaks or a general aged look, it’s good practice to get it checked by an expert who will be able to offer professional advice.   

When to call in concrete repair specialists

CSC concrete repair specialists at work

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to check with the experts to get a professional evaluation.

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