Top 10 reasons to reline a water tank

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services gives lists his top ten reasons to reline a water tank. Regardless of the size or type of a water storage tank, lining it with a specialist polyurethane coating can provide many benefits.  

  1. Cost-effective alternative to replacement: The repair and reline of a leaking water tank can be a cost-effective alternative to fully replacing a water tank. Savings can be made on re-installation costs, the cost of a new tank and charges connected with the safe removal of a failed tank.
  2. Quicker alternative to replacement: To repair and reline a water tank will be much faster than fully replacing it. General disruption to business operations can be kept to a minimum with the repair and relining work typically carried out within the same day.
  3. Increase the life-span of asset: The relined tank can be guaranteed for up to fifteen years. Many manufacturers of new water storage tanks will only offer a one-year guarantee.
  4. Compliance with regulations: When relining a water tank, CSC Services will ensure coatings used are fully compliant with Drinking Water Inspectorate regulations. Coatings will be Regulation 31 approved ensuring they do not cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water.
  5. Protection against corrosion: By design, all potable water storage tanks are inherently susceptible to corrosion attack. Corrosion is a natural phenomenon that is based on the laws of chemistry, metallurgy and electricity. With a high dielectric strength, the coating restricts the passage of electrons and interrupts the process of ion transfer which causes corrosion. This will also prevent against further damage.
  6. Prevent ingress: A specialist coating can help to stop water leakage. Especially common with larger, sectional steel water tanks, the mastic between the joints will begin to deteriorate and lose its elasticity. This can be catastrophic in many cases. A polyurethane coating will seal cracks, even those that the naked eye cannot see.
  7. Control of micro aquatic bacteria: Corrosion and deterioration of water tanks result in holes that lead to micro aquatic bacterial growth including Legionella, Pseudomonas and Biofilm. By lining steel water tanks with a solvent free approved coating this can resist the growth of such bacteria.
  8. Protection again structural movement: Applied polyurethane coatings used to reline a water tank offer a high degree of flexibility, capable of accommodating structural movement.
  9. Reduced maintenance requirements: The installed and cured coating will leave the internal surfaces of the structure with a smooth, tough, ceramic, tile-like finish, which is both easy to maintain and extremely easy to clean.
  10. Reliability guaranteed: Once installed the protective coating will be regularly inspected so that continuous levels of reliability and performance are maintained. CSC Services can help by providing planned inspection and maintenance programmes to ensure the tank stays in top condition. Looking after your tanks and ensuring you have the right maintenance programme in place is important as small problems can quickly develop into major issues.

See the latest news section of this website for case studies of work recently completed by CSC Services, including work to reline a range of other tanks, such as chemical tanks.

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