Time to think again about Polyurea

CSC Services have just returned from one of the UK’s leading innovation events to discuss the many benefits of Polyurea. Attended by over 300 professionals, the WRc Innovation day explored how the business world needs to adapt to advances in technology.

CSC Services were selected to attend the event to showcase recent advances in Polyurea technology, a type of elastomer that is being used successfully across many industries worldwide as a superior coating system for waterproofing and corrosion protection. With high tensile strengths and abrasion resistance, the coating can protect against damage to structures including steel, concrete and GRP.

WRc Innovation Day Stand

Originally launched in the early 1990’s, some of the very first product formulations were associated with some high profile coating failures, which has resulted in some scepticism about the product.

With significant advances in the technology and product formula, together with improvements to the application equipment, the latest formulas of the product are now WRAS approved and pending DWI approval which will significantly open up the potential for the coating across the clean water sector.

It is now recognised that many of the initial failures were linked to inadequate surface preparation. Since then the Polyurea Development Association (PDA) was set up to set guidelines for surface preparation for effective polyurea systems. Polyurea manufacturers are now taking a more proactive role in training and approving specialist contractors to install products correctly in order to offer substantial guaranties and warranties.

Confidence is now growing in polyurea and it is being specified across the world as a high-value solution for many corrosion and waterproofing applications. With significant interest in the product from innovation professionals, the message from the WRc Innovation Day was very clear; it is time to think again about Polyurea.

Mark Lemon, Chief Executive of specialist contractor CSC Services has over twenty years of experience in installing and applying linings and coatings. He believes the benefits of Polyurea technology are significant:

“Polyurea is an extremely versatile coating that can be used on any structure for waterproofing and corrosion protection. It has a rapid curing time with full return to service enabled in less than 20 seconds. It can be applied in sub-zero temperatures enabling repair and relining work to take place all year round. Polyurea is abrasion resistant and highly chemical resistant. When applied by an approved specialist contractor it can be guaranteed for much longer than traditional coatings.”

CSC Services have now arranged visits to several utility companies to provide further technical information about the product and how it can be successfully installed to significantly extend the life of many structures including water tanks, reservoirs, pipes and drum screens. If you would like to arrange an appointment or if you have any specific questions about use of the product please e-mail enquiries@csc-services.co.uk

CSC Services are an approved installer of Polyurea.