Technology to move businesses forward

CSC Services will be attending WRc’s fifth Innovation Day this week.

The WRc Innovation Day is the premier innovation cross-sector networking event for utilities in the UK. The theme for 2016 is Sharing Knowledge for a Changing World and will explore new technologies and processes that can be implemented to move businesses forward.

CSC Services are looking to bring recent advances in Polyurea technology to the attention of utility industry professionals at this event.

Polyurea technology is being used world-wide as an optimum coating solution that can offer long term solution to asset protection needs. The protective coating is WRAS approved and is pending DWI approval which will significantly open up potential use across the clean water side of the sector.

Polyurea is a very versatile coating which has many uses:

  • Existing waste water facilities suffering the effects of hydrogen sulphide degradation can be quickly and cost effectively refurbished to add many years of maintenance free services.
  • New waste water treatment facilities can be permanently protected against Hydrogen Sulphide attack eliminating future concrete degradation.
  • Corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack are constant threats to liquid containment assets. Polyurea technology can offer superior protection of both steel and concrete tanks.
  • Cracked concrete substrates can be quickly and effectively sealed, and water loss eliminated.

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services is looking forward to the event:

“CSC Services recognises that utility companies, academics, suppliers and contractors need to work in partnership to advance the sector. Polyurea is being used successfully across the world and there is huge potential for its use across the UK utility sector.

Mark continued:

“As a coatings specialist CSC Services keeps up to date with the latest product developments and specifications and are looking forward to sharing useful insights and information. CSC Services will also have information available about the latest corrosion control coating system which can stop the development (or further development) of crevice corrosion and pack rust in joints and connections. Again, this can be used on many utility structures to extend asset life in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner.”

CSC Services are a specialist contractor to the water and power industries providing high performance cleaning, repairs, specialist coatings and leak sealing solutions. Established since 2002, CSC Services are confined space entry specialists. Repair services include expansion joint repairs, resin injection, machine grouting and concrete repairs. A full range of specialist coatings are available and CSC Services offer a one-stop solution through the cleaning and preparation of assets or structures prior to application.