Tanking Services

CSC Services are a tanking contractor providing systems to waterproof the basements and foundations of various types of structures. Tanking systems provide an impermeable waterproof coating to effectively make structures permanently watertight.

CSC Services have almost twenty years of experience in this field. CSC Services provide a comprehensive service which includes leak sealing and overbanding. Water ingress problems are dealt with quickly and effectively. Protective coatings are installed to prevent water ingress problems in the future.

CSC Services are a national tanking company. Emergency leak sealing work can be undertaken. Please call 0191 410 3444 today for help with your waterproofing or tanking requirements.

Leak sealing

The process of leak sealing by resin injection is used to deal with water ingress in basements and lift shafts. Water ingress will often occur due to structural movement leading to the cracking of concrete walls.

Crack injection of a polyurethane resin will halt water ingress. Injection points can be drilled at the leak source. Injection packers are then installed and leak sealing resin injected. This process is repeated until ingress had stopped. There are numerous injection products on the market and the correct selection is crucial to the effectiveness of the repair. Some resins for example must have a dry substrate to enable it to bond.

Footage of some recent leak sealing undertaken to a basement in Newcastle:

Overbanding strips can be installed over joints and cracks. These highly elastic pre-formed membranes are used for waterproofing over joints or cracks, where a high degree of movement can be expected.

Tanking protective coatings

CSC Services use a range of repair mortars, fairing coats, renders and cementitious coatings for structural waterproofing and tanking.  Cementitious coatings provide ultimate waterproof protection. They can be applied in damp environments and confined spaces.

CSC Services have experience in providing tanking coatings to waste water structures, such as wet wells, where chemical resistance to hydrogen sulphide is required. Work of this nature has recently been completed for both Anglian Water and United Utilities. DWI approved products can be used for tanking of water service reservoirs or tanks.

CSC Services can provide tanking solutions to power stations and chemical plants where enhanced chemical resistance is required. Work of this nature is regularly completed for client EDF Energy.

CSC Services work in partnership with many of the leading coatings manufacturers undertaking all relevant product and application training. Please call 0191 410 3444 for impartial advice on your tanking requirements.