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resin injection

Leak sealing
Resin Injection and Leak Sealing at Power Station

15 May 2018 CSC Services have returned to Lynemouth Power Station this month on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine to waterproof various areas of the station. This follows the successful installation of a coating system to the materials handling faci...

Cathodic Protection at EDF Energy
Essential Maintenance Work at Power Station

22 February 2018 A scheme of 24-hour essential maintenance work at Hartlepool Po...

Injection Resin
A Closer Look at Resin Injection

15 August 2017 CSC Services repaired a structural leakage problem at a quarry wa...

Waterproofing at Komatsu
Waterproofing with Resin Injection

18 November 2016 CSC services complete waterproofing work at the neighbouring Ko...

Expansion joint repair
Water is Work

22 March 2016 CSC Services are supporting World Water Day’s drive to get peopl...