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Innovation and Totex
Innovation and TOTEX with Anglian Water

22 January 2018 CSC Services joined Engineers and Operational Staff from Anglian Water last week for a day promoting innovation and TOTEX within the business, for the remaining and forthcoming AMP period. The engineers were from Anglian Water’s Int...

Celebrating Local Innovation

16 February 2017 CSC Services enjoyed a day celebrating local innovation at Midd...

Innovation Day
Time to think again about Polyurea

28 April 2016 CSC Services have just returned from one of the UK’s leading inn...

Polyurea Coating for Water Tanks & Pipes
Sharing Knowledge at WRc Innovation Day

18 March 2016 CSC Services are delighted to announce that they will be exhibitin...

Twenty 65 Workshop
Creative Disruptive Innovation to transform the water industry

   27 January 2016 CSC Services attended a workshop in London this week to ide...