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Mick Flounders
How to Prevent Coating Failures

Specialist protective coatings are highly complex materials. They are generally a thin film that protects two reactive materials with many factors affecting the success of their application. Over the past few months CSC Services have seen an increase...

Celebrating a Great Year

14 December 2017 As 2017 comes to a close, CSC Services would like to thank all ...

Coatings Around the Clock

19 May 2017 CSC Services are currently completing a scheme of coating works to a...

Service Reservoir Refurbishment
Guaranteeing ‘Service Life-Span’

28 April 2017 In the refurbishment and coatings industry engineers are often loo...

Installation of repair mortar
Wet Well Refurbishment

21 March 2017 CSC Services refurbished a sewer pumping station wet well for Angl...