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cementitious coatings

protection against hydrogen sulphide
Spotlight on Sewage Pumping Stations

Pumping stations come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be located in driveways, gardens, roadside verges and other areas. CSC Services specialise in the refurbishment of sewer system structures. Mick Flounders, CSC Services’ Contracts ...

Concrete protection
Concrete Protection at North Tees Hospital

CSC Services have been undertaking a programme of work based on concrete protect...

Concrete deterioration
Concrete Coatings: A Visual Scale of Concrete Deterioration

At CSC Services, we specialise in applying protective concrete coatings that min...

Induction Disbonding
Cutting Carbon Across the Supply Chain

As utility companies across the UK implement programmes to monitor and reduce ca...

Coatings Around the Clock

CSC Services are currently completing a scheme of coating works to an NHS Buildi...