Structural Strengthening through Carbon Fibre Wrapping Structural Strengthening through Carbon Fibre Wrapping

Structural Strengthening through Carbon Fibre Wrapping

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We installed an innovative solution for structural carbon strengthening at Hinkley Point B Power Station for client EDF Energy.

At CSC Services we have used structural carbon strengthening to add structural strength to the DW Plinths in the Turbine Hall.

Carbon fibre is lightweight and its tensile strength is very high. It ability to add strength to structures such as columns and beams, without adding additional weight and increasing foundation load makes it an excellent solution.

A mix of usually carbon or glass fibre fabrics, and an epoxy resin, wrapping systems are custom designed for each project and application.

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services explains:

“For years the DW plinths had simply been painted. As a result, they had fallen into a state of significant disrepair, putting their structural integrity at risk. Supporting heavy and expensive plant equipment, it was important that the correct course of remedial action was taken.

“Carbon Fibre Wrapping will not only provide significant strength to the plinths, it will protect against further corrosion and erosion. The impervious material will protect the structure from moisture intrusion and further corrosion, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance work for the life of the station or structure.”

Structural Carbon Strengthening Installation

Successful installation of structural carbon strengthening was a key job for our skilled team. Careful surface preparation was the first step in this repair work, removing dirt, chemicals, dust and identifying any defects.  Our team also rounded off any edges or corners that may have caused stress concentrations.  We then coated the concrete with an approved primer that would provide the mechanical bond for the carbon fibre wrapping.

The result was a structure not only repaired but also protected for the long-term and without any negative impact during repair work on the structure itself.  Please contact CSC Services on 0191 410 3444 for further information.

This work has been completed as part of the 2017 Spalling Concrete Remediation Programme at Hinkley Point B Power Station.

Images of the plinth, before, during and after the Carbon Fibre Wrapping:

Plinth before structural carbon strengthening   Plinth before Carbon Fibre Wrapping


Plinth with Carbon Fibre Wrapping   Plinth with Carbon Fibre Wrapping


Plinth with Carbon Fibre Wrapping and topcoat finish   Plinth with Carbon Fibre Wrapping and topcoat finish