Sika Deminar – Carbon Fibre Wrapping Sika Deminar – Carbon Fibre Wrapping

Sika Deminar – Carbon Fibre Wrapping

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CSC Services joined building engineers and chartered surveyors from across the North East at a Sika CPD  focussing on carbon fibre wrapping.

The informative session was a showcase of the products and technical services available for the refurbishment and maintenance of reinforced concrete buildings with flat roofs. Sika has over 100 years’ experience with concrete repair together with 50 years providing cold-applied liquid flat roofing solutions.

Steve Allen, Sika’s Area Technical Manager Steve Allen gave an insightful presentation on the range of products available to replace defective concrete, and the systems available to treat any corrosion on the reinforcement, delaying the onset of further corrosion. A useful overview was provided on coatings systems available to protect against carbonation and chlorides.

Carbon Fibre Wrapping

Steve went on to discuss the many advantages of carbon fibre wrapping including Sika Carbodur Plates and Sika Wrap fabrics.  Sika have developed software which is as a user-friendly tool for engineers to design the optimum FRP strengthening solution themselves, to help with complex design calculations. Click here for more information.

An outdoor demonstration proved just how effective these systems can be when installed. A piece of plywood strengthened with fibre reinforced polymer was put to the test as shown in the image. It didn’t snap under the weight of the three Sika representatives as the untreated piece of plywood tested prior did.

Sika deminar focussing on carbon fibre wrapping

Refurbishment Solutions for Roofs

Sika’s Area Technical Manager for Liquid Plastics, Matty Hyson, provided an overview of the refurbishment solutions for roofs and walkways.  The full service package was outlined which offers peace of mind to designers and surveyors. From initial consultation and roof surveys to design and specification, Sika offer support throughout the process and will provide a single point guarantee when systems are installed by Quality Approved contractors. The many advantages of the odourless, cold applied, seamless system were then demonstrated.

Sika deminar    Sika deminar

CSC Services are a Quality Approved Contractor for Sika Liquid Plastics. For more information on refurbishment solutions for flat roofs click here or for more information on Carbon Fibre Wrapping click here.