Short Guide to Concrete Repair Services

CSC Services have been providing concrete repair services to engineers across the UK water and power sector for over eighteen years.

What does concrete repair involve? Here we bring you a short guide, with images from recent work undertaken.

  • The repair area is identified. On a large-scale site with numerous repairs, repair areas are marked out, numbered and documented.
  • Hammer testing is used to identify hollow and corroded areas.
  • All damaged concrete or failed repairs are mechanically removed back to a sound core. Where possible the full circumference of the steel reinforcement is exposed to at least 25mm behind the bars and 50mm beyond the point at which corrosion is visible. The perimeter of the site is cut out using a grinder or chisel to 10mm depth.
  • The broken-out material is cleared away.
  • The repair site is prepared using grit blasting to remove rust, contaminants and to re-profile the surface.
  • The steel reinforcement is protected using a specialist primer.
  • Repairs are reinstated with bonding primer and repair mortar – in accordance with manufacturers technical data.

Depending on the scope of works, cathodic protection (corrosion protection system) might be specified before the concrete repair mortar of choice is used to fill out the repair area.

All of CSC Services’ operatives undertake regular training on the repair and protection of reinforced Concrete Structures in accordance with BSEN1504 which is approved by the Institute of Concrete Technology. CSC Services work with a range of product manufacturers so that the optimum solution can be offered to clients. Before any work is undertaken a full risk is assessment is undertaken.

The images below show the concrete repair process.

Concrete repair
Concrete repair
Concrete repair
Concrete repair
Concrete repair


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