Sharing Knowledge at WRc Innovation Day

CSC Services are delighted to announce that they will be exhibiting the latest Polyurea coating technology at WRc’s Innovation Day this April.

Polyurea is being used world-wide as an optimum coating solution. The Polyurea that CSC Services have added to their portfolio of coatings is WRAS approved and is pending DWI approval. Once approved, this will significantly open up the potential use for this coating to extend the life of many structures and assets across the clean water side of the sector.

In line with the theme of ‘Sharing Knowledge for a Changing World’ CSC Services are looking to bring to the attention of water professionals the many advantages that Polyurea can bring to the industry.

Polyurea has a very fast cure and set time (5-20 seconds) meaning disruption to service can be minimised. It can also be applied in sub-zero temperatures enabling repair and relining work to take place all year round. Polyurea is abrasion resistant and highly chemical resistant meaning the coating can be guaranteed for longer than traditional coatings.

Mark Lemon, CSC Services Managing Director is looking forward to attending the event:

“CSC Services recognises that water companies, academics, suppliers and contractors need to work in partnership to advance the sector, and where possible learn from advances in other industries and sectors. Polyurea is being used successfully across the world and there is huge potential for its use in the UK Water sector.

Mark continued:

“CSC Services also contract to the UK power industry where clients are specifying use of this product when shutdown periods need to be kept to an absolute minimum during outage periods. As there are huge similarities between the structures being repaired and recoated in this way, CSC Services is keen to showcase the many benefits to water professionals.”

CSC Services offer a full range of specialist coatings and are able to offer a one-stop solution through the repair, cleaning and preparation of assets or structures prior to application. Specialist advice is available on optimum coatings.

Find out more about Polyurea in our short film below: