A non-invasive and cost-effective solution

Rope Access

At CSC we can perform many of our services using rope access to carry out structural repairs, condition surveys and maintenance.

It isn’t always affordable or feasible to use traditional scaffolding methods to access high points on buildings. Rope access provides a convenient alternative with many benefits over conventional methods, including reduced costs, quicker access and minimising disruption to the building and the environment.

Rope access provides a cost-effective solution

This technique allows us to access structures such as high rise buildings, hospitals and bridges to conduct services including surveys and inspections and concrete repairs, without the often prohibitive costs and lengthy installation process involved with scaffolding. Instead, this method also allows us to quickly and safely access the areas we need to, avoiding the potential for building fabric damage that can sometimes be found with scaffolding.

Our employees are fully trained and are able to safely provide an alternative method of transferring workers and equipment to a higher point of a structure. We are able to get very close up to the affected areas, allowing us to work with a degree of accuracy that simply can’t be obtained through traditional access methods.

Confined space contractors

Our highly experienced operators work in a variety of confined space environments on structures such as silos, storage tanks and water towers. Our techniques offer a safe, efficient and effective method of access for confined space entry and egress where required.

Confined Space entry

A knowledgeable and safe team

Our team is fully equipped with the correct skills and knowledge of legislative requirements of confined space entry and use the advantages of industrial rope access techniques to safely fulfil these requirements. Our health and safety standards are very high with the potential implications working from rope access impose. We hold confined space certificates and we are approved by Constructionline.

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