Tank Lining

We offer expert tank lining and repair solutions in the water, power, public sector and civil industries.

A tank lining can be formed using a range of products, each tank lining will be individually specified to safely contain its contents. The purpose is to hold the contents of a vessel to prevent leakage, whilst also protecting the existing substrate from damage. We can provide tank lining solutions to steel-, concrete- and chemical-containing tanks, as well as tanks that operate in extreme environments.

Specialist DWI and WRAS approved contractors

We use WRAS-approved and DWI-compliant coating systems to protect the safety and quality of water on clean water sites.  Our repair and coating services are carried out in line with our health and safety procedures. We are fully trained and certified to work in confined spaces.

Tank refurbishment

We provide a cost effective alternative to tank replacement

Tank lining can be significantly more cost effective than removing a failing or leaking water tank. It also means that the life of existing retaining structures can be extended significantly. The decommissioning and removal of tank structures can cause significant disruption to ongoing services. We offer a quicker and cheaper solution allowing operations to continue. You can read more about our benefits here.

Leaks can be costly to the environment, the Environment Agency penalises companies who have failed to put the necessary measures in place to prevent a leak or spill.

We can install polyurethane coatings to stop leakage problems and seal cracks as deterioration to joints and seals can affect the internal surface of the structure and its elasticity. Our polyurethane, epoxy and polyurea coating systems have excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.

Our Polyurea technology is known for its rapid curing time,  fast return to service and curing ability at sub zero temperatures. You can read more about our solutions here.

CSC can support you on any project, whether that’s the relining of a damaged structure or if you have acquired a tank in need of a new lining.  We can offer advice on the best long-term solution.

Case Study

Filter Tank Refurbishment for United Utilities

On a recent project we refurbished a filter tank. Tank walls had become corroded causing rust to develop to the structure.

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