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Epoxy Resin Coatings

We are specialist industrial epoxy resin contractors, registered to provide and install Epoxy flooring and coatings by leading manufacturers including Sika.

Advantages of Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin coatings outperform most coatings in terms of resistance to water and other environmental degradation, which is why epoxy resin is largely used in aircraft and boat building to protect the outer sheath or hull by industrial epoxy resin coatings contractors. This, combined with mechanical properties such as high tensile strength, adhesion, abrasion and low shrinkage resistance, make epoxy resin coatings a popular choice for the protection of concrete, metals and other substrates.

Similarly to other coatings, epoxy resin coatings can only be guaranteed if the proposed surface preparation has been applied. Techniques such as high pressure water jetting or shot-blasting can be utilised to acquire the correct surface profile, aiding a desirable bond to the substrate.

Epoxy flooring systems are a cost-effective solution, especially for heavy-duty industrial environments, creating a tough surface that’s durable against foot and prominent vehicle traffic.

We have applied epoxy resin coatings to a variety of structures in the water, power, public sector and civil engineering industries including:

  • Commercial and decorative flooring water companies, to coat the internal and external surfaces of service reservoirs and tanks
  • Water and Waste Water treatment plants
  • Nuclear power station floors and bunds
  • Car park decks
  • Industrial flooring
  • Commercial and decorative flooring

Our expert team can come to site to evaluate your epoxy resin coating requirements and give advice on the correct product for the job.

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