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Concrete Waterproof Coatings

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Specialists in Concrete Waterproof Coatings

At CSC Services we have a range of concrete waterproof coatings that are specified for each individual problem by our experienced team. These coatings include epoxy resin coatings, polyurethane, hybrid polyurea and 100% polyurea hot-spray applied coatings.

Epoxy Resin Concrete Waterproof Coatings

Epoxy resin coatings have high waterproof, chemical and abrasive qualities whilst being very cost-effective, making them an ideal coatings solution in many situations. Their use should be carefully considered when working on structures which need to be returned to service as quickly as possible because of the lengthy cure times however. These can range from 7 to 21 days, depending on environmental conditions and various products.  Another consideration is the limited elongation or give with this coating, meaning it is not suitable for use where movement occurs through expansion or seismic activity of the substrate or structure being coated.

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Sikalastic 525 system with anti-slip finish
Polyurea coating technology

Polyurea coatings have all the qualities of epoxy resin coatings with the added features of up to 400% elongation and instant curing. This means equipment or structures can be returned to service as soon as application is complete, alleviating lengthy shut down costs through curing times.  Although more costly than traditional epoxy resins, the advantages make this an excellent cost-effective and value solution.

Polyurea Coatings
Experience across Products, Industries & Structures

We have worked across a range of industries and structures to apply concrete waterproof coatings including reservoirs, aqueducts, tunnels, pipework, basements, bridges and floors. We work with reliable and approved manufacturers such as Flexcrete and Sika for our concrete waterproof coatings products, and work closely with suppliers in application training and methodology to bring you the most robust system that full meets Health & Safety Requirements.

At CSC Services all of our teams are fully accredited (view here for full memberships and accreditations) and certified for working in a range of industries and environments.

Case study Waterproof Coatings for EDF Energy

We completed an upgrade to the Ferrous Sulphate Plant at Hartlepool Station for client EDF Energy by installing a waterproof coatings system.

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Sika Liquid Plastics
Case study Waterproofing of University Building

As part of a scheme of work to a University building complex, we undertook specialist waterproofing  to a lift shaft.

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CSC Services provided a fully comprehensive service and solution to an issue that we have had for some time. We had an issue of water ingress into one of our fixture holding pits which was creating a health and safety issue. CSC services have eradicated the water ingress issue without any additional civil work, with the fixture still in position. In terms of quality and cost CSC Services have provided a perfect solution, I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Scott Atkinson Production Engineer, Komatsu
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