Bund Lining

With vast experience in specialist coating preparation and application, we offer comprehensive bund lining services.

Also known as a secondary containment, a bund is there to contain any liquid should the primary containment vessel or tank fail.  Often these tanks will contain liquid that is dangerous for the environment, hence the requirement for the bund.  Usually made of metal, brick or concrete, depending on the liquid to be held, bunds must be correctly prepared and lined to ensure that their liquid contents do not leak or permeate through to the environment.  Concrete bunds are porous in nature, meaning a bund lining must be applied to ensure no leakage. 

Legal Requirements for Bund Linings

The correct assessment, installation and maintenance of bunds is essential to meeting EA legal requirements with regards to liquid handling and storage as well as pollution.  A bund is a core structure in the containment of liquid should the primary structure fail.   All bunds are susceptible to contamination and leakage if the bund lining does not provide the required level of protection.   Knowing the correct bund, tank and vessel lining systems to install according to the exact liquid and chemical environment is key to legal adherence and avoiding penalisation, fines and impact to the environment and those within it.

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Coatings Specialists

We have vast experience in all manner of bund lining protective coatings, including polyurethane, epoxy coatings, polyurea coatings and cementitious coatings.  Bunds can become damaged in many ways, including cracks, leaks, delamination, carbonation, chloride contamination and unsealed pipe entries.  Understanding the correct coatings to use to avoid these issues is part of our specialist knowledge, as well as the correct application and installation techniques. Our bund lining services are seamless and comprehensive, even when faced with the most aggressive environments and chemicals.

Sikalastic 525 system with anti-slip finish

Our Bund Lining solutions

Polyurethanes are spray or hand applied coatings that can provide a flexible lining system, these can be further strengthened adding fibreglass chopped strand matting into the system. These systems provide good abrasion resistance and UV stability.

is an ideal choice of material lining due its combined qualities of strength, chemical resistance and elasticity. Concrete bund walls are susceptible to cracking if movement occurs. We can use Polyurea to assist movement and maintain fluid tightness. Polyurea is usually hot spray applied and cures in seconds providing a fast return to service.

Epoxy Resin
Epoxy Resin is a common bund lining material which can be used to provide protective coating systems to containment tanks. It is effective in extending the lifetime of existing structures as it protects the internal surface from chemical and mechanical stress.

Preparation is Key
Most often, bunds and storage vessels will require some element of preparation and repair prior to the bund lining system being installed.  Our assessment and preparation service is outstanding, underpinned with our commitment to quality, reliability and safety and using our specialist services in clean, repair and strengthening. Learn more through our abrasive blasting services.

Confined Space Contractors
Often these structures are difficult to access.  We are fully trained confined space contractors and can safely operate on your site and bund structure.  Learn more about confined space working.

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Case Study

EDF Energy

We undertook coatings work to concrete bunds as part of a scheme of work for a ferrous sulphate plant, following hydro-demolition coatings were removed and bunds were re-coated.

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