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Expansion Joint Repair

At CSC Services, we are qualified specialists in expansion joint repair. We offer a variety of mechanical (construction) and expansion joint repair solutions for perished or damaged joints and cracks. These include hypalon bandage systems, which are secured and sealed to each side of the expansion joint or crack using epoxy resin adhesives.

Expansion Joint Repair Quality Assurance

We offer repair systems that are chemical-resistant and will alleviate water egress and ingress, whilst allowing the expansion to accommodate movement.  We can cater our systems to your requirements by providing pourable and bulk gun sealing systems where foot and vehicle traffic can be problematic.

Expansion joint systems can be used on many structures such as:

  • Service reservoirs
  • Water and waste water treatment plants
  • Power stations
  • Tunnels
  • Culverts
  • Silos
  • Water towers
  • Roof connections
  • Concrete bases

These systems can be supplied and installed by our fully qualified and experienced operatives as part of our concrete repair services, including resin injectionculvert erosion repair and concrete repair.

Emseal and Pre-compressed Sealants

We install Emseal and pre-compressed sealants as part of our services. The latest structural expansion joint treatment brings together many of the benefits of several different systems into one. It offers a water-tight, fire-rated, trafficable solution that can withstand seismic movement. It is used for sealing and bridging structural joints in foundations, decks, walls, windows, floors, roofs as well as roadways and bridges.  The system is bespoke produced from site drawings, and CSC Services are the trained and approved UK installer.

We use DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) approved products and have completed expansion joint repair work at a range of water companies across the country, along with repairs to culverts and cable tunnels at Dungeness and Hartlepool Power Station for EDF Energy.

Case Study

Expansion joint repairs for a UK service reservoir

We completed a series of expansion joint repairs for a UK utility company in a service reservoir. The works were completed using THORO® FLEX 200.

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