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Cathodic Protection

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Cathodic Protection is one of the most effective solutions of corrosion prevention, significantly increasing the lifespan of structures.

Cathodic protection is a primary solution for protecting reinforced concrete structures.  We are highly experienced in the installation of cathodic protection systems on structures across a range of industries including bridges, steel-framed buildings and drumscreens.

New structures can benefit from applying corrosion prevention techniques at the beginning to prevent costly restoration.  At CSC we can assess the level of risk to new structures and the extent of corrosion to existing structures to provide the most appropriate Cathodic Protection system to prolong a structure’s life span.

Anode Installation at EDF Energy
Why do we use it?

Corrosion of reinforced concrete structures is caused by the process of carbonation and often through the contamination of concrete by sea salt and salts cast into the concrete. Cathodic protection is a means to prevent corrosion by making the encased metal surface the cathode of an electrochemical cell. This simple protection technique connects the metal to be protected to  a more easily corroded “sacrificial metal” to act as the anode.

Cathodic Protection offers a technically-sound solution because it deals with the corrosion problem across the entire area treated. This cannot be achieved with conventional repair methods without removing all  concrete where salt or carbon dioxide has penetrated. Such extensive repair is frequently prohibitive in terms of practicality and cost.

Trained and Knowledgeable Contractors

Our Operatives undertake regular training on the repair and protection of reinforced concrete structures in accordance with BSEN1504, approved by the Institute of Concrete Technology.  We work in partnership with leading product manufactures to offer our clients the optimum solutions for their projects. Before we start any project, a full risk assessment is completed.

To provide the most appropriate system, this will typically involve the following process: ­­

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Case study Corroded Drumscreen Chamber at EDF Power Station

We installed a Cathodic Protection System for EDF Energy as shown in the image. Corrosion of the reinforced concrete structure had been caused by carbonation and contamination of concrete by sea salt that passes through the Drumscreen Chamber as part of the Power Station’s cooling process.

You can read more about this project here. 
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