Surge Chamber Concrete Repair at UK Nuclear Power Station

Project Requirements Our ongoing nuclear power client had identified concrete damage to the surge chamber within the cooling water system exit.  Previous repairs had failed and they required a long-term, durable solution for the structure – the site had recently received an extension to its operating lifetime and it was key that the work met […]

Concrete Repairs to Spalled Concrete in Cooling Water Pump House

Our power sector client had identified vast areas of spalled concrete within the walls and floors of an on-site basement within a Cooling Water Pump House (CWPH). It was important that these areas of damage were fully inspected and repaired as part of their ongoing Asset Care Programme. The position of the CWPH on the […]

Repair of External Floodwall Protection

Project Background Our nuclear power sector client needed to install flood protection to the external flood wall at their Hartlepool site. The barrier’s role is to provide protection against coastal flooding by limiting the ingress of water as much as practically possible and this represented an essential flooding safety work case on the site. The […]

Reactor Vent Stack Concrete Support Beam Repair

As part of our remediation work for the cooling water intake system, we completed concrete support beam repair work for the reactor vent stacks at EDF Hartlepool Power Station. These vent stacks play a critical role in carrying the steam pipes that transport the steam from the condenser and turbines and required complex concrete support […]

Pump eye repair using concrete repair resin at EDF Hartlepool Power Station

As part of our remediation work for the cooling water intake system at EDF Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, we completed a series of concrete repairs to the pump eye intake using a range of products including concrete repair resin. A key component of the pump, the impeller uses centrifugal force to distribute the cooling water, […]

Concrete Repairs to High Voltage Substation

Concrete repair work to columns carrying switchgear within a high voltage substation. The works were carried out under outage conditions over several days, due to the dangers associated with operating in this high risk environment. Working in a high risk environment High voltage (HV) substations operate as interconnection points on the National Grid network. Power […]

Power Station Leak Sealing and Resin Injection

Lynemouth Power Station leaking sealing and resin injection project We returned to Lynemouth Power Station this month on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine to undertake power station leak sealing and resin injection work in various areas. This followed the successful installation of a coating system to the materials handling facility and new rail intake area at the Power Station last year. Located […]

Leak Sealing to Cable Trench Covers

CSC Services have completed leak sealing work to cable trench covers at Hartlepool Power Station for client EDF Energy. Deterioration of the previous concrete cable covers had resulted in water ingress. This was having ramifications with the Station’s fire protection system in the Turbine Hall Cable Tunnels. “CSC Services did a brilliant job. The job […]

Concrete Remediation at Hinkley Power Station

CSC Services successfully completed a Concrete Remediation Programme at Hinkley Point B Power Station for client EDF Energy. Over ten tonnes of specialist repair mortars and structural strengthening products were used to rectify the degradation of reinforced concrete at various areas across the station. A combination of environmental exposure, water ingress and the age of […]

Drum Screen Remediation Work at EDF Hartlepool

An extensive project The station’s two reactors power more than two million homes – and its regular mandatory maintenance periods require extensive planning with the National Grid to minimise disruption to the network. With more than 12,000 separate pieces of work taking place during the nine-week shutdown, our experienced teams knew the stakes were high […]