Industrial coating contractors works to internal pipework

On this industrial coating contractors pipework project, we removed old coatings before re-coating and testing the assets. Following inspection and quote we were able to start on the project the following week and provide a quick yet quality-driven solution for the client. Issues Identified • Internal pipework coatings used an incorrect specification of coatings materials• […]

Concrete Tank Repair Contractors

A tank that had failed a programmed inspection was repaired by a team of concrete tank repair contractors from CSC. Following a site visit to agree scope and budgets the onsite work began the following week to repair the asset for the client. All site inductions, method statements, permits and site briefings from site agent […]

CSC Framework Project for Northumbrian Water

In mid-2021 we were proud to be selected to undertake construction services on the NWL Service Reservoir Concrete Structures Repair and Refurbishment Framework for both Northumbrian and Essex & Suffolk Water operating areas.     Pictures of the project before, during, after Previous Next “We are looking forward to building a long-term, collaborative approach with […]

Pump eye repair using concrete repair resin at EDF Hartlepool Power Station

As part of our remediation work for the cooling water intake system at EDF Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, we completed a series of concrete repairs to the pump eye intake using a range of products including concrete repair resin. A key component of the pump, the impeller uses centrifugal force to distribute the cooling water, […]

Service Reservoir Refurbishment

CSC Services successfully completed a Service Reservoir refurbishment. Service reservoirs hold clean water after treatment, before it is piped to end users. Designed to keep water safe from contamination it is vital they are kept in optimum working order. Flexcrete products used An initial assessment showed the concrete of the structure was delaminated through water […]

Power Station Leak Sealing and Resin Injection

Lynemouth Power Station leaking sealing and resin injection project We returned to Lynemouth Power Station this month on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine to undertake power station leak sealing and resin injection work in various areas. This followed the successful installation of a coating system to the materials handling facility and new rail intake area at the Power Station last year. Located […]

Leak Sealing to Cable Trench Covers

CSC Services have completed leak sealing work to cable trench covers at Hartlepool Power Station for client EDF Energy. Deterioration of the previous concrete cable covers had resulted in water ingress. This was having ramifications with the Station’s fire protection system in the Turbine Hall Cable Tunnels. “CSC Services did a brilliant job. The job […]

Treatment Plant Project: A Closer Look at Injection Resin

Injection resin using hydrophobic polyurethane foam The process of Injection Resin was used to repair cracks in the bunded area of the treatment plant, where water was percolating through construction joints. On this occasion a hydrophobic polyurethane foam was used which is very fast acting on contact with water and can halt the flow of water […]

Surface Water Chamber Refurbishment

CSC Services has used a cementitious coating system to refurbish a surface water drain chamber at Dungeness B Power Station for client EDF Energy. The chamber forms part of the surface water drainage system and is also the authorised minor discharge route for waste condensate water being discharged from the power station. Although the chamber […]

Leak Sealing by Resin Injection Crack Repair

We recently carried out Resin Injection crack repair work on a basement structure in the centre of Newcastle. Durability and water tightness of the building had been compromised and the leaking cracks needed to be be closed and sealed. Polyurethane Resin A Polyurethane Resin was used to stop the water ingress, forming a permanent seal […]