Pharmaron Effluent Trench Concrete Repair

At CSC we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke solutions-based service on every project. In this recent piece of work we were able not only to professionally repair an area of concrete for our client, but also ensure our client felt informed and reassured throughout. With an excellent outcome and positive feedback from the client, […]

Surge Chamber Concrete Repair at UK Nuclear Power Station

Project Requirements Our ongoing nuclear power client had identified concrete damage to the surge chamber within the cooling water system exit.  Previous repairs had failed and they required a long-term, durable solution for the structure – the site had recently received an extension to its operating lifetime and it was key that the work met […]

Concrete Repairs to Spalled Concrete in Cooling Water Pump House

Our power sector client had identified vast areas of spalled concrete within the walls and floors of an on-site basement within a Cooling Water Pump House (CWPH). It was important that these areas of damage were fully inspected and repaired as part of their ongoing Asset Care Programme. The position of the CWPH on the […]

Repair of External Floodwall Protection

Project Background Our nuclear power sector client needed to install flood protection to the external flood wall at their Hartlepool site. The barrier’s role is to provide protection against coastal flooding by limiting the ingress of water as much as practically possible and this represented an essential flooding safety work case on the site. The […]

Industrial coating contractors works to internal pipework

On this industrial coating contractors pipework project, we removed old coatings before re-coating and testing the assets. Following inspection and quote we were able to start on the project the following week and provide a quick yet quality-driven solution for the client. Issues Identified • Internal pipework coatings used an incorrect specification of coatings materials• […]

Concrete Tank Repair Contractors

A tank that had failed a programmed inspection was repaired by a team of concrete tank repair contractors from CSC. Following a site visit to agree scope and budgets the onsite work began the following week to repair the asset for the client. All site inductions, method statements, permits and site briefings from site agent […]

CSC Framework Project for Northumbrian Water

In mid-2021 we were proud to be selected to undertake construction services on the NWL Service Reservoir Concrete Structures Repair and Refurbishment Framework for both Northumbrian and Essex & Suffolk Water operating areas.     Pictures of the project before, during, after Previous Next “We are looking forward to building a long-term, collaborative approach with […]

Public Sector Concrete Remediation Works

CSC completes next stage of concrete remediation work at North Tees Hospital As concrete repair specialists in the UK we’ve completed additional planned works at the University Hospital of North Tees, following previous repairs to the main ward block, North Wing and buildings housing plant rooms, specialist operating theatres and recovery rooms. The project As concrete repair specialists UK […]

Reactor Vent Stack Concrete Support Beam Repair

As part of our remediation work for the cooling water intake system, we completed concrete support beam repair work for the reactor vent stacks at EDF Hartlepool Power Station. These vent stacks play a critical role in carrying the steam pipes that transport the steam from the condenser and turbines and required complex concrete support […]

Pump eye repair using concrete repair resin at EDF Hartlepool Power Station

As part of our remediation work for the cooling water intake system at EDF Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, we completed a series of concrete repairs to the pump eye intake using a range of products including concrete repair resin. A key component of the pump, the impeller uses centrifugal force to distribute the cooling water, […]