‘Scan4Safety’ Strategy Launch

CSC Services attended a very informative Supplier Engagement Day last week held by the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust at the beautiful Wynyard Hall. The event, hosted by a range of procurement professionals from the Department of Health was to launch the trust’s GS1 Master Data Management strategy ‘Scan4Safety’.

The primary purpose of the scheme is to improve data accuracy and consistency across multiple IT Systems, but also to be an enabler for automatic identification and data capture technology across the trust. All suppliers will need to be fully registered and compliant with the scheme by November 2017 in order to trade with the NHS.

Suppliers such as CSC Services will benefit from this NHS eProcurment Strategy as it offers a single data source for product and service information which will be available to all NHS customers. There will be one method of delivering an agreed list of attributes using a globally recognised standard and set of processes that are consistent across all trusts.

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services explains how registration to this scheme reflects CSC Services plans to extend repair services and specialist coatings into other sectors:

“Many of the services CSC Services has historically offered to the UK water and power industries have applications across other areas.  Like water treatment sites, hospitals and other healthcare institutions need surface coatings that are entirely sterile or ensure a high level of hygiene. Polyurea protective coating technology is therefore an optimum coating for surface finishing as it durable, sterile, chemical resistant and very easy to clean. It also has a much longer life span than traditional finishing materials.

“Other applications for Polyurea across hospital trusts range from containment tanks and pipes to flooring and roofs. With repair services and industrial cleaning also offered, CSC Service can offer a full solution to refurbishment projects and protection of assets.”

For more information about the list of specialist coatings and repair services offered visit www.csc-services.co.uk