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Injection Resin

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CSC Services have for many years been leaders in injection resin leak sealing solutions across the UK, working with water and power companies such as EDF Energy.

Leaks can appear in reinforced concrete through carbonation, causing steel to rust and expand, which inevitably cracks the concrete encasing it. Other reasons might be movement or poor construction. The polyurethane based injection resins we use are very fast acting on contact with water and can halt the flow of water quickly. This, coupled with a repair of the crack and possible waterproofing of the structure with one of our many systems, can prevent future leaks.

Structures we are experienced in working with include:

  • Service Reservoirs
  • Water Towers
  • Aqueducts
  • Water and waste water treatment plants
  • Storm tanks
  • Tunnels
  • Culverts
  • Industrial plants
  • Basements

Epoxy Injection resin can be used as a structural repair to cracks in concrete. This system restores the original strength to the concrete and seals in the reinforcing – preventing further damage from moisture.

Our teams all have CSCS cards, EUSR Water cards, DOMS, Confined Space Certificates and are BSVR (baseline security vetting register) and CTC (counter terrorism check) vetted as a minimum.

CSC Services provide refurbishment services and protective coatings to structures across the UK water sector, in nuclear power stations, public sector buildings such as hospitals and prison buildings, and across UK infrastructure including bridges, tunnels, culverts and sewers. Call us on 0191 410 3444 today for help or advice.   

Latest Projects

Resin injection was used during a scheme of work to waterproof a machine pit at the Komatsu manufacturing plant in 2016 which is shown in the image. 

In 2017, Resin Injection was used to repair a structural leakage problem at a water treatment plant of a Quarry site. Find out more about this work here.  

In 2018, Resin Injection was used to eliminate ingress of water around the floor joints in the rail offloader area at Lynemouth Power Station for client Sir Robert McAlpine. Find out more about this work here.

Client Feedback:

CSC Services provided a fully comprehensive service and solution to an issue that we have had for some time. We had an issue of water ingress into one of our fixture holding pits which was creating a health and safety issue. CSC services have eradicated the water ingress issue without any additional civil work, with the fixture still in position. In terms of quality and cost CSC Services have provided a perfect solution, I would not hesitate to use them again in the future. (Scott Atkinson, Production Engineer, Komatsu)