20 July 2018

Cracked bridges, leaking culverts, corroded wet wells? CSC Services can help!

The UK’s ageing concrete infrastructure often shows signs of cracking, spalling and /or leaking. Vulnerable to deterioration when exposed to water and aggressive environments, the anticipated service life of concrete structures can often be significantly reduced if not maintained and refurbished.

CSC Services specialise in refurbishing and applying protective coatings that minimise deterioration of concrete. Properly applied, a protective coating can stop the deterioration of concrete before it progresses to reinforcing steel. Protection of this rebar is essential for the long-term durability of any concrete structure.

CSC Services have access to the most innovative repair mortars and specialist coatings to refurbish assets and protect against carbonation and corrosion.

A full examination of the deteriorating asset will identify and quantify any signs of corrosion, and assess the condition of current protective coatings and/or mortars.

Recommendations will be made as to how the service life-span of the asset can be extended by effectively protecting against chemical attacks, joint-leaks, cracks and surface corrosion. This will take into account all relevant factors such as the location of the asset and the environmental factors in which it operates.

Working with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of repair mortars and coatings, the latest innovative products and application methods can be used to refurbish assets, mitigate risks and minimise disruption of services for clients. Recommendations for suitable inspection programmes can also be provided.

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