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Chemical Coatings

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Industrial coating contractors and chemical coatings have been in existence and developed for over 60 years, offering resistance to chemicals that may damage structures. As knowledge of the structural impact of these chemicals has increased, this has given rise to the need for durable chemical coating systems, which offer the required resistance to the damage caused by chemicals.

As an experienced industrial coating contractor CSC Services has a range of chemical coatings which are specified for each individual problem by our experienced team. These coatings include roller, brush and sprayed epoxy resin coatings, polyurethane, hybrid polyurea and 100% polyurea hot spray applied coatings.

Epoxy resin coatings have high chemical and abrasive qualities whilst being very cost effective. Problems may arise when movement occurs through expansion or seismic activity of the substrate or structure being coated. As there is little elongation or give, this may cause the coating to fracture or split. Epoxy resin coatings can be problematic when working on structures which need to be returned to service as quickly as possible because of the long cure times. These range from 7 to 21 days depending on environmental conditions.

The Polyurea coating technology has a slightly higher cost than epoxy resins. This is because polyurea coatings have all the qualities of epoxy resin coatings with the added features of up to 400% elongation and instant curing. This means equipment or structures can be returned to service as soon as application is complete, alleviating lengthy shut down costs through curing times.

Some of the structures our industrial coating contractors work on include:

  • Service reservoirs
  • Water and waste water treatment plants
  • Aqueducts
  • Water towers
  • Digesters
  • Roofs
  • Pipes and tunnels
  • Floors
  • Bunds
  • Basements
  • Bridges

Our teams all have CSCS cards, EUSR Water cards, DOMS, Confined Space Certificates and are BSVR (Baseline Security Vetting Register) and CTC (counter terrorism check) vetted as a minimum. All operatives hold SSPC Train the Painter – Gold level accreditation which covers protective coating application, spray painting and abrasive blast cleaning.

CSC Services provide refurbishment services and protective coatings to structures across the UK water sector, in nuclear power stations, public sector buildings such as hospitals and prison buildings, and across UK infrastructure including bridges, tunnels, culverts and sewers.  Call us today on 0191 410 3444 for help or advice. 


Latest Projects

In 2018, CSC Services replaced the rubber lining of the Mixed Bed Regenerator Vessel at Dungeness Power Station for EDF Energy with a chemical resistant lining as shown in the image.  The vinyl ester coating has excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acid solutions and many aliphatic solvents. It has a designed lifetime of ten years. You can read more about the work here. 

In 2017 CSC Services refurbished a steel tank filter for United Utilities with Acothane, a solvent free polyurethane protective coating was installed to provide effective corrosion and erosion resistance. This coating provides a completely waterproof membrane, preventing any potential ingress of water which can cause osmotic blistering, air filled cavities and cracks. You can read more about this work here. 

Client Feedback:

This project was a collaborative effort throughout, with CSC providing advice to inform the specification of the coating material, working closely with both Investment Delivery and the Technical Advice Group.  The quality of workmanship and application of the coating have been noted by others and positively regarded. Alan Smith, Project Engineer from Dungeness B Power Station