Anti-carbonation coatings Anti-carbonation coatings

Anti-carbonation coatings

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CSC Services can provide a range of anti-carbonation coatings. Carbonation is one of the key factors that can detrimentally affect the life-span of an asset or structure.

In untreated concrete, the process of carbonation is nearly impossible to avoid once exposed to the elements. Carbon dioxide slowly penetrates the surface of the concrete reacting to moisture and calcium hydroxide which is found in concrete. This forms calcium carbonate which initially hardens the concrete raising the compressive strength. Alkalinity then reduces in the concrete and it starts to breakdown. Depending on the permeability, concrete carbonation may advance at a rate of 1 – 5mm per year. As carbon dioxide travels deeper into the concrete it reaches the steel reinforcement embedded in the structure. As the concrete around the steel is broken down by carbonation the corrosive effects of the air and water rust the steel causing it to expand, spall and crack. This in turn causes a high rate of failure to the surrounding area.

Structural integrity can therefore become severely compromised so it is critical to specify anti-carbonation coatings for both new and existing structures. Such products can ensure that buildings remain visually attractive throughout their lifespan and avoid costly and disruptive repair and maintenance work further down the line.

Anti-Carbonation coatings solutions

A range of weatherproof, anti-carbonation coatings are available to provide ultimate protection against the ingress of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water, whilst allowing damp substrates to breathe without blistering. Fast drying water based formulations allow for quick application even in inclement weather conditions.

Coatings are available in a range of finishes including smooth and textured, they are highly decorative and can be specified in several standard colours, with special colours made to order.

CSC Services can provide repair services to ensure the level of concrete cover has been restored before the protective coating is installed. Call us today on 0191 401 3444 to discuss your requirements.

Our teams all have CSCS cards, EUSR Water cards, DOMS, Confined Space Certificates and are BSVR (Baseline Security Vetting Register) and CTC (counter terrorism check) vetted as a minimum. All operatives hold SSPC Train the Painter – Gold level accreditation which covers protective coating application, spray painting and abrasive blast cleaning.

CSC Services provide refurbishment services and protective coatings to structures across the UK water sector, in nuclear power stations, public sector buildings such as hospitals and prison buildings, and across UK infrastructure including bridges, tunnels, culverts and sewers.  

Latest Projects

CSC Services completed the 2017 Concrete Spalling Remediation Programme at Hinkley Point B Power Station for client EDF Energy.

Over ten tonne of specialist repair mortars and structural strengthening products were used to rectify the degradation of reinforced concrete at various areas across the station.

A combination of environmental exposure, water ingress and the age of the station building had caused spalling in areas including the flask bay and turbine hall. Anti-carbonation coatings were used to significantly expand the durability of structures, enabling their original design life to be achieved.