Protection Against Hydrogen Sulphide Protection Against Hydrogen Sulphide

Protection Against Hydrogen Sulphide

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14 March 2018

Last week, CSC Services started work refurbishing a scheme of wet wells for specialist service provider Nomenca to protect against hydrogen sulphide degradation. Specification of a protective coating system with enhanced chemical resistance will extend the durability of the structures and enable their design life to be achieved.

A wet well is the holding tank found at the end of a sewer system which pumps sewage to a treatment works. Subjected to freeze/thaw cycling; abrasion damage and the aggressive influence of acidic gases and other chemicals found in raw sewage, the concrete, brickwork and mortar joints of wet wells are readily attacked, significantly reducing the service life of such structures.

Following repair work to the wet well walls; surfaces were reinstated with a fully waterproof fairing coat. A cementitious coating was then installed. This protective coating is resistant to a range of chemicals including hydrogen sulphide; and has excellent abrasion and impact resistance.

The protective coating system specified allowed refurbishment work to be done quickly causing minimal disruption to operations. The system has an exceptionally rapid curing time. It can be applied in damp conditions removing the requirement for costly heating and dehumidification equipment.

CSC Services work with the leading coating manufacturers, undertaking relevant product and application training. Impartial advice can be offered on the optimum solution to suit any refurbishment requirement. For more information on refurbishment services and protective coatings call 0191 410 3444.


Images from the work undertaken are shown below:

Wet well refurbishment   Wet well refurbishment


Wet well refurbishment   Wet well refurbishment