Protecting Wastewater Assets

CSC Services joined industry leaders in Birmingham to assess innovative ways of protecting wastewater assets and networks ahead of PR19. There was a clear message from this year’s Wastewater Conference that innovation in wastewater networks and processes is more crucial than ever.

Growing demands from customers, an ageing sewer network and economic uncertainty mean that water companies must deliver forward-thinking cost effective wastewater solutions.

As Neil Muncaster, Director of Asset Management from Yorkshire Water explained ensuring a resilient network not only for now but also the future is a key priority for the company. Innovative planning is required for better asset delivery and integrated thinking to deliver a long-term investment.

Building resilience was a key theme echoed in a presentation that explored Northumbrian Water’s wastewater network programme. Richard Woodhouse, Asset delivery programme manager and Eilis Furlong, Technical Policy Manager from Northumbrian Water explained how the company are working with developers to reduce flood risks and explored the wider concept of converting potential beneficiaries into collaborative partners.

CSC Services attended the event to share their knowledge and expertise on protecting wastewater assets. Mick Flounders, CSC Services’ Contracts Director explains how specification of specialist coatings can drive efficiencies, extend the life of assets and reduce costly shut down periods. Mick said:

“Specialist coatings are often commissioned when structures begin to fail. If you take concrete tanks for example, many built in the 1980’s or before were not adequately protected. Years of unprotected exposure result in cracks, spalls and leaks. Once these problems develop, the deterioration of the concrete is accelerated because aggressive substances now have an unobstructed passageway into the concrete.

“CSC Services can of course refurbish degraded assets to add many years of maintenance free services but the best time to protect concrete and many other substrates is from new, before sulphates and acids have had a chance to get inside the concrete and cause damage. Many of the most recent coatings on the market have significantly longer life-spans than traditional coatings. They offer superior surface protection against abrasion, impact, corrosion and chemical attack. This all works to reduce the need for costly refurbishment and maintenance programmes, reducing customer disruptions and costly shut down periods.

“Our advice to wastewater professionals looking to derive the maximum service from an asset would be to consider coatings in the initial design stages of new projects not just when assets begin to fail, or need refurbishing.”

For more information on the range of services available for protecting wastewater assets please call 0191 410 3444.