Value of Professional Membership

As CSC Services attends several Institute of Water Lunch and Learn meetings in the Institute’s northern area this week, we look at the top reasons why membership of professional bodies is increasingly important for industry contractors and suppliers.

Mark Lemon, Managing Director explains:

Established in 2002 CSC Services has always worked in the UK Water industry on a range of different contracts. Membership of the Institute of Water – the only professional body that exclusively supports the careers of anyone working in the UK water sector is a way for the company to demonstrate not only its professionalism but its commitment to the sector.

Membership offers a range of events on water sector topics. For us as a specialist contractor to the industry this is an excellent opportunity to broaden our industry knowledge and gain a better understanding of the sector and the challenges it faces.

As we all know water resources are already under pressure across the world. Innovative approaches are needed to manage the challenges of increasing populations, ageing infrastructure and climate change.  There is a great emphasis on taking a collaborative approach to tackle many of these issues, and for me this involves the full industry including the supply chain.  It is therefore essential for us to be fully up to date with the industry we operate within, and have the opportunity to contribute our views, and be part of an ongoing dialogue.

Through meeting and networking with people from the industry we as a company are able to evaluate the services and products that we are able to offer, to offer optimum solutions. Where possible we need to take a proactive role in working with the manufacturers of many of the products we use to ensure these can be adapted and improved for the benefit of the industry.

The Institute’s quarterly Journal keeps us up to date with the latest water sector news, and includes relevant case studies and features on topical issues. We are hoping to contribute relevant articles in future issues to keep colleagues up to date with the services we are able to offer.

Membership of the Institute is open to everybody in the industry regardless of their qualifications or discipline. I think this inclusive nature is very important. It is also a great way for people to develop through a range of professional qualifications which CSC Services hopes to be able to make use of in the future.

CSC Services also operates in the UK Power industry, and we are currently looking into professional membership in this sector. For more information about our company and the services we offer visit