Polyurea Coating Series 4

Article 4: Final Inspection and Testing of Polyurea Coating 

Over the previous months CSC Services have been focused on conveying the range of applications and adhesion characteristics of Polyurea technology.

The articles in this series to date have considered the importance of substrate diagnosis and why the preparation of the surface to which the polyurea system is to be applied is critical to the final success. We have considered the three key variables associated with polyurea application and the requirement to manage the dynamics of each. We close the series by setting out the criteria that should be considered in the final phase of testing of a polyurea system in order to verify contractual specifications.

Any conclusion of the physical work installing a polyurea system has to include verification of contractual specifications. The Polyurea Development Association sets the following criteria:

  • Thickness
  • Adhesion to the substrate
  • Construction details
  • Mechanical properties of the polyurea, by means of testing a sprayed free- film sample
  • Stratigraphy of the applications
  • Any leakage tests, where there are tanks or other containers.

This report must be the only final document regarding the conclusion of the work and must be countersigned by the parties concerned.

In summary, CSC Services has over twenty years of experience in installing and applying linings and coatings. With high tensile strengths and abrasion resistance, the benefits of Polyurea technology are significant. Polyurea is an extremely versatile coating that can be used on any structure for waterproofing and corrosion protection. It has a rapid curing time with full return to service enabled in less than 20 seconds. It can be applied in sub-zero temperatures enabling repair and relining work to take place all year round. Polyurea is abrasion resistant and highly chemical resistant.

When applied by an approved specialist contractor Polyurea can be guaranteed for much longer than traditional coatings. Polyurea isn’t however paint. The installer of this technology must be fully trained if a system is to be installed correctly.