Polyurea Article to be Published

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services is having a technical article published about Polyurea protective coating in the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Reference publication later this year.

Polyurea is a type of elastomer used world-wide as an optimum coating solution. Originally launched in the early 1990’s, some of the very first product formulations were associated with some high-profile coating failures, which has resulted in some scepticism about the product.

With improvements in the application technology, acknowledgement of the product chemistry and an appreciation of the importance of correct application by trained specialists Mark asks whether it is now time to think again about polyurea technology?

Mark has over twenty years of experience in installing and applying linings and coatings. Mark believes the benefits of Polyurea technology are significant and has been highlighting the relevant merits through a range of articles and industry events, including the WRC Innovation Day earlier this year.

Speaking about Polyurea protective coatings Mark said:

“Polyurea is an extremely versatile coating that can be used on any structure for waterproofing and corrosion protection. It has a rapid curing time with full return to service enabled in less than 20 seconds in some applications. It can be applied in sub-zero temperatures enabling repair and relining work to take place all year round. Polyurea is abrasion resistant and highly chemical resistant. When applied by an approved specialist contractor it can be guaranteed for much longer than traditional coatings.”

You can read the technical article in full here: etr-2016-0069

CSC Services ran a series of articles about Polyurea protective coatings online earlier this year. These can be accessed here.