Merry Christmas from CSC Services

CSC Services would like to wish all of our clients a very Merry Christmas and thank you for your continued support.

2016 has been a big year for CSC Services as the company has moved away from sub-contracted work and established ourselves as a repair and coatings specialist to both the power and water industry.

We have put a lot of work into establishing the brand identity of the company and head into 2017 with contracts and orders already in place. A number of successful schemes of work have been completed throughout 2016 and we have put a greater focus on building relationships and networking with industry professionals.

We began the year at a workshop in London to identify the ‘disruptive innovations’ the water sector requires over the next 50 years in order to achieve its vision of clean water for all in a perfectly sustainable system. Organised by the TWENTY 65 research project, the workshop gave us the opportunity to join water companies and academic researchers to offer the supply chain perspective in strategic roadmapping. CSC Services also joined the Institute of Water to learn more about the industry and contribute to wider ongoing discussions around innovation and industry development.

We have continued our firm commitment to CPD undertaking product training with the leading concrete and coating manufacturers and are very proud to have become an approved Sika Liquid Plastics Contractor. CSC Services showcased the recent advances in Polyurea technology at one of the UK’s leading innovation events for the water, waste and gas sectors which explored how the business world needs to adapt to advances in technology. We hope to continue this work in 2017 communicating the many merits of this protective coating.

Have a great Christmas and thanks once again for your continued support.