Project: Leak Sealing by Resin Injection Crack Repair Project: Leak Sealing by Resin Injection Crack Repair

Project: Leak Sealing by Resin Injection Crack Repair

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We recently carried out Resin Injection crack repair work on a basement structure in the centre of Newcastle.  Durability and water tightness of the building had been compromised and the leaking cracks needed to be be closed and sealed.

Resin Injection Crack Repair

A Polyurethane Resin was used to stop the water ingress, forming a permanent seal and mechanical bond by structurally bonding to the substrates. There are numerous injection products on the market and the correct selection is crucial to the effectiveness of the repair. Some resins for example must have a dry substrate to enable them to bond.

Resin Injection crack repair

Following the identification of areas of direct ingress, injection points of 100mm in depth were drilled into the basement walls. These were at 45 degree angles to the leak source. Injection packers were installed and leak sealing resin injected. This was repeated until the ingress had stopped.


To complete the resin injection crack repair, overbanding strips were installed. These highly-elastic, pre-formed membranes are used for waterproofing over joints or cracks where a high degree of movement can be expected.

In addition to basements, at CSC Services we have many years experience across all areas of concrete Repair Services, leak sealing a range of structures including service reservoirs, tunnels and culverts. You can view our case study using injection resin polyurethane foam for Cemex.  Call us today for more information on 0191 410 3444 or visit our Resin Injection service page for futher information.

Watch our quick project video, showing the process of sealing the leak within this basement stucture.