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protective coatings
Delivering ‘totex’ through effective asset repairs and maintenance

Under the changes introduced in AMP6 water companies now have to present their business plans as the total expenditure required, or ‘totex’. Ofwat expects the focus on totex to encourage more long term decision making in which better customer val...

wastewater coatings
Institute of Water Members

CSC Services are now Institute of Water members. CSC Services have joined the In...

Mark Lemon, Managing Director, CSC Services
Benefits of Using Concrete Repair Contractors

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services looks at the top 10 benefits of u...

Why protective coatings fail
The top 10 reasons why protective coatings fail

Applying specialist coatings to structures and assets during the winter months c...

Repair work at Husbands Bosworth Reservoir, Severn Trent Water
Reservoir Upstand Refurbishment

CSC Services recently completed a scheme of work which included a Reservoir Upst...